Clean Air at Light Speed.

Automated Air Sanitization with Visium™

No Changing Filters
Easy Installation
Human Safe [a]
Automated Software

Meet Visium™

Clean Air at Light Speed.

Visium™ safely inactivates aerosolized pathogens without chemicals or filters. Automated air sanitization will soon be easy to install, track, and monitor.

99.9% of Germs, 24/7

Fully automated, simple, and safe, Visium™ provides constant cleaning in your workplace.

About Lit Thinking

Who We Are

A passionate team of engineers and scientists who are changing the world.

Our Mission

To create safer, healthier, and more productive indoor environments.

What We Do

Utilize Far-UVC to build the most effective sanitation devices possible.

Co-Founder, Chairman

Expertise. Resources. Experience.

Committed Investors

Our principal investors have unsurpassed insight in real estate, technology, and market trends: Stephen M. Ross, Founder and Chairman of the Related Companies, one of the world’s largest real estate companies; Matt Higgins, Co-founder and CEO of RSE Ventures, which enables and equips technology startups with the insight and tools to be successful.

Neutralizing Airborne Risks with the Power of Light.

Clean, quiet, and chemical-free, Visium™ will safely neutralize harmful pathogens in occupied spaces with the power of Far-UVC light.

Lit for Life™ Software.

Visium’s™ connected dashboard will provide meaningful, actionable insights to enable in-person work confidently in your building.

World-Changing Research.

Lit Thinking™ is engaging in semiconductor research to ensure the sources of Far-UVC become even more efficient, affordable, and available worldwide. Our research will change the world.

Peace of Mind Sanitization.

Peace of Mind Sanitization.


Clean Air at Light Speed.

No Changing Filters
Intuitive Controls
Far-UVC Light
Air Sanitization
Silent Operation
Energy Efficient
Local Encryption
Lit for Life™ Software

Let's Talk the Future of Clean Tech.

Let's Talk the Future of Clean Tech.