Continuous elimination of indoor pathogens.

UL Certified

Air Sanitization

Easy Installation

Automated Software

Continuously Sanitizing up to 99.9% of Pathogens.

Fully automated, safe, and simple, Visium™ provides constant air and surface sanitization in your workplace.

Healthy Buildings Start with Far-UVC.

Revolutionizing Indoor
Air Quality.

Introducing Visium™ the revolutionary solution from Lit Thinking™ that utilizes human-safe Far-UVC light to inactivate 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria silently and continuously.

A Cleaner and Safer Indoor Air Solution

A New Way to Clean.

Introducing Visium, the revolutionary solution from Lit Thinking that utilizes human-safe light to inactivate 99.9 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria silently and continuously. With Visium, the future of healthy buildings has arrived. Visium was developed in conjunction with leading scientists at Columbia University and other top research institutions. 

Visium™ is the first UL Certified, continuous sanitization device of its kind, and its safety has been certified and efficacy rigorously tested. It presents an optimal solution for all the places where people work, gather, sleep, or simply pass through. Visium does more than just keep buildings safe for humans, it redefines the very notion of indoor habitation, transforming buildings into havens where health, safety, and comfort converge seamlessly.

The Visium™ device has full IoT connectivity to the Lit Thinking App via Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring of sanitization and IAQ status.

Far-UVC Light

Safety and efficacy scientifically verified through rigorous third-party testing.

Air Sanitization

Inactivate aerosolized pathogens.

Made in the USA

Beautifully designed and manufactured by Lit Thinking™.

Continuous Operation

Sanitizes 24/7 and autonomously.

UL Certified

First UL Certified Far-UVC device for continuous operation.

Energy Efficient

Uses only 15W of energy.
Extremely efficient method to add equivalent air changes.

Replaceable Lamp

Patent-pending quick lamp replacement design.

Lit Thinking™ App

Full IoT connectivity through Wi-Fi for remote monitoring of sanitization and IAQ status.

UL Certification #E535942 Dated October 31, 2023

Easy Installation.

Multiple Installation Options

Visium’s™ recessed, ceiling, and pendant mounts allow for flexible installation options, maximizing the disinfection power of your indoor space.

Recessed Mount
Ceiling Mount
Pendant Mount

Live Air Monitoring.

Gain insights, access statistics, and stay updated on everything Visium™ by downloading the Lit Thinking App.

Backed by Science.

Lit Thinking™ is engaging in semiconductor research to ensure the sources of Far-UVC become even more efficient, affordable, and available worldwide.
Our research will change the world.

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Josh Oelker

Director, Business Development - Commercial

Josh Oelker joins the Lit Thinking team as an accomplished sales and business development leader with over 15 years’ experience that includes nearly a decade of invaluable involvement in Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) solutions for a multitude of applications. His background involves building relationships and fostering revenue within many areas, such as Commercial buildings, HVAC, Healthcare, Education and Food processing, as well as with many channels, segments, and partnerships. In addition, Josh has worked with different types of GUV technologies, including Far UV, LED UV, Xenon pulse and PCO. 

Josh started his career in GUV at Steril-Aire, where he rose from a Regional Sales Manager to a National Sales Manager, responsible for the overall revenue of a 30-year-old UVC/IAQ company. During his time there, he created, developed and launched an IoT UVC Sensor and monitoring platform with a cloud-based dashboard that allows continual awareness and efficacy. He also co-authored white papers on UVGI efficacy for disinfection and UVC for Energy Savings/Sustainability. 

In his most recent role as Director of Business Development- HVAC at PURO, Josh established an HVAC distribution network for new and future products from scratch. He collaborated on expanding the company’s product portfolio of UVC HVAC options and gained invaluable experience with other UVC and IAQ technologies. 

Josh’s passion for GUV has led him to explore the diverse benefits of UV disinfection in partnership with the USDA, the University of Minnesota and international biosecurity researchers. As an Associate ASHRAE member and an industry-expert, Josh has given numerous PDH accredited presentations on the efficacy and application of GUV for safer, healthier and more efficient buildings. 

Wendy Walling

Director, Business Development - Healthcare

Wendy Walling joins the Lit Thinking team as a seasoned sales, marketing and business development professional with over 20 years’ experience that includes an invaluable background in Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) technologies for Healthcare applications. Her diverse background includes the development and launch of antimicrobial textiles under the trademark license of the Clorox Professional Products Group and a 12-year career as a Marketing and Communications leader with Cox Target Media, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.


In her most recent role as Global Director of Marketing at Intellego Technologies AB, Sweden, Wendy designed and built from the ground-up the company’s primary brand and business unit, UVC Dosimeters. She successfully expanded the company’s product portfolio of photochromic dose indicators for measurement of ultraviolet energy for 254 nm, 260-280 nm and 222 nm, and directly managed the company’s private-label business for customers in the US, Korea, Greece, South Africa, Colombia, Peru and the UK. In addition to developing UV auditing protocols for the largest healthcare system in the US, Wendy served as the host of Intellego’s thought-leadership video and podcast series, Making the Invisible VISIBLE, available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Wendy’s passion for the promotion and adoption of GUV technologies has garnered the attention and respect from peers at the International Ultraviolet Association where she is an active member of its Healthcare Task Force and GUV working groups. She has served as a member of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, a Division of ISSA and a contributor to the 2022 GBAC Validation & Auditing Technology Guide.